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Unique Products. Dependable People.

Since 1918, Quaker has been establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with leading customers in primary metals, metalworking, and other basic process industries all over the world. Today, we have a global presence in 21 countries and 35 locations, with over 50% of 2015 net sales outside the U.S. We are also well positioned for growth in key emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil.

Quaker’s corporate headquarters is located in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, with regional headquarters in Uithoorn, The Netherlands, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Shanghai, China. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, under the ticker symbol KWR, and has a long track record of financial consistency and strength.

While working hard to meet customers’ needs, we also feel a strong sense of responsibility to our Associates, to the communities in which we operate and to the natural environment.

Our efforts in quality have been acknowledged by the International Organization for Standardization, with ISO 9001 ratings at our own facilities, as well as at customer sites where we deliver services and products directly. Many of our facilities are also ISO 14001 certified and rated by accredited companies such as Lloyd’s, British Standards Institute (BSI), and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Corporate Headquarters

Quaker Chemical Corporation
One Quaker Park
901 E. Hector Street
Conshohocken, PA 19428-2380

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November 11, 1918 – QUAKER OIL PRODUCTS CORPORATION is founded and its business consists of the manufacture and sale of oil products, chiefly for lubrication and for the textile industry.


Quaker focuses on research and development to ensure our solutions are always cutting-edge and optimized for each customer and application.


October 20, 1930 – Quaker reorganizes and changes its name to QUAKER CHEMICAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION. The Company incorporates in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. During this time, Quaker expanded its scope with products for the metalworking industry.


Quaker enters into the steel market.


Quaker focuses on research and development to ensure our solutions are always cutting-edge and optimized for each customer and application.


Quaker establishes first European subsidiary in Holland. Quaker Chemical (Holland) N.V. Uithoorn manufactures and markets Quaker products and supplies constant technical services to the industries in the EEC.

August 1962 – QUAKER CHEMICAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION changes its name to QUAKER CHEMICAL CORPORATION to better suit the scope of its activities, which include process engineering and services, as well as the development, manufacture and sale of industrial specialty chemical products.


Quaker enters into a joint venture in Australia, Quaker Chemical (Australasia) Pty. Limited.


Quaker enters into a joint venture in Japan, Nippon Quaker Chemical, Ltd.


Quaker enters into a Joint venture in Mexico, TecniQuimia Mexicana S.A. de C.V.


May 3, 1972 – Quaker completes its Initial Public Offering (IPO) making shares in the Company available to the public for the first time.


Quaker Chemical launches the innovative QUINTOLUBRIC® polyol ester line of fluids. QUINTOLUBRIC® offered a cost effective alternative to phosphate ester fluids. These early polyol ester fluids have evolved into the current QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 Series fluids. QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-46 and QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-68 are now industrial standards that offer performance advantages over other polyol esters and pump manufacturers around the world recognize the products for quality and dependability.


June 1978 – Quaker makes its first major U.S. acquisition – Selby, Battersby & Co., a manufacturer of flooring systems for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings, and marine decking materials.


Quaker enters the aerospace coating market with acquisition of AC Products, Inc. in California.


March 1992 – Quaker acquires the remaining 50% equity interest in Quaker Quimica Espanola, S.A.


Quaker makes acquisition in France and expands its metalworking business.

Quaker enters the Brazilian market.

Quaker celebrates 75 years in business.


Quaker acquires 90% in Celumi Ltda, a supplier of chemical specialty products to the metalworking industry.

Quaker enters into a Joint venture in China, Wuxi Quaker Chemical Company Limited.


July 1996 – Quaker announces the phase-out of its manufacturing facility located in Conshohocken PA – USA by the end of the year. Manufacturing operations consolidated with Quaker’s manufacturing operations located in Detroit, Michigan.

August 1996 – Quaker files an application to list its common shares for trading on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) under the ticker symbol KWR. First NYSE trade occurs on August 23, 1996 for 100 shares.


Quaker enters into a joint venture in India, Quaker Chemical India Limited.


Quaker enters into a majority-owned joint venture with Siderquimica Ltda, a leading process chemical supplier to the Brazilian steel industry.


January 2001 – Quaker Chemical enters into a joint venture with Quima International, LLC to form Q2 Technologies, LLC. Q2 Technologies specializes in H2S control with patented technologies.


February 2002 – Quaker acquires the business and assets of United Lubricants Corporation, a North American manufacturer and distributor of specialty lubricant products and chemical management services for the steel industry, located in Middetown, Ohio – USA.

April 2002 – Quaker acquires Epmar Corporation, a manufacturer of polymeric coatings, sealants, adhesives, and various other compounds, including polymer technology capability directly related to Quaker’s coatings business in California.

April 29, 2002 – Quaker’s new corporate worldwide headquarters opens in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania – USA.

July 2002 – Quaker acquires the controlling interest in its South Africa subsidiary, Quaker Chemical South Africa (Pty) Ltd.


May 2003 – Quaker acquires a range of cleaners, wet tempter fluids and other products used in the steel industry from KS Chemie located in Dusseldorf, Germany.

July 2003 – Quaker acquires Eural S.r.l., a privately held business that manufactures a variety of specialty metalworking fluids primarily for the Italian market, located in Tradate, Italy.

October 2003 – Quaker acquires the assets of the steel and food-grade lubricants business from Cincinnati-Vulcan Company.


March 2005 – Quaker acquires the remaining equity interest in its Brazilian joint venture.

July 2005 – Quaker enters into joint venture in Italy, Quaker Automotive Italia, S.r.l., to focus exclusively on building its market position in the Italian automotive industry.


November 2006 – Quaker acquires the remaining 40% equity interest in its Chinese joint venture . Company announces the expansion of its manufacturing and research and development presence in China and the consolidation of its regional headquarters into a new integrated facility in Qingpu, Shanghai.


May 2007 – Quaker, through its subsidiary, Q2 Technologies, LLC, acquires the oil analysis field chemical business of Frontier Research and Chemicals Company.


May 2008 – Quaker announces manufacturing site expansion at its Middletown, Ohio facility to triple production capacity and centralize Quaker’s North American production of steel, cleaners and hydraulic fluids. The expansion is completed in late 2009.


July 28, 2010 – Quaker forms a partnership with the Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing (“SFHR”) team to develop new greases to reduce mechanical loss of energy and extend the life of the IndyCar bearings.

July 2010 – Quaker acquires D. A. Stuart’s U.S. aluminum hot rolling oil business from Houghton International, including the rights to sell the product portfolio internationally. Quaker becomes a leading player in the U.S. aluminum hot rolling market serving some of the largest reversing mills, single and multi-stand tandem finishing mills, and combination mill systems in the country.

December 31, 2010 – Quaker acquires Summit Lubricants Inc., a North American manufacturer and distributor of specialty greases with commercial operations and two manufacturing operations located in Batavia, New York. Quaker becomes a leading specialty grease provider in the U.S.


July 2011 – Quaker acquires the remaining 60% equity interest in its Mexican affiliate, TecniQuimia Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.

October 2011 – Quaker acquires G.W. Smith & Sons, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of die cast lubricants located in Dayton, Ohio. G.W. Smith’s proprietary formulations of die cast lubricants, metalworking lubricants and machining fluids. Quaker becomes a leading die casting lubricant provider in the U.S.


July 2012 – Quaker acquires NP Coil Dexter Industries, S.r.l., a leading European manufacturer and supplier of metal surface treatment products, located in Gorgonzola, Italy. Metal surface treatment products from NP Coil Dexter include pretreatment products used to prepare metal surface prior to painting and other finishing processes. These products have applications in the steel coil industry and general industrial markets, including appliance, automotive and equipment applications.

September 2012 – Quaker debuts its new integrated marketing campaign “It’s what’s inside that counts” encompassing an updated brand identity, logo and tagline. Quaker’s evolution of the brand identity emphasizes the most important and consistent competitive advantage: formulating products and service solutions for customers through the innovation, expertise and experience of its people.

December 2012 – Quaker forms a channel partnership with QAdvantage, a new enterprise designed to better serve industrial manufacturing customers and to support distributors in North America.


Quaker launches its new website reflecting the company’s inspirational, customer-centric approach. The new platform improves the visitor experience and elevates the most relevant content based on Quaker customer preferences, allowing for easy searching and quick access to content, such as product information and case studies.

January 2013 – Quaker acquires a chemical milling maskants distribution network in China to strengthen its position in the Asia/Pacific region.

May 2013 – Quaker acquires a tin plating business, a complementary technology to its already existing portfolio.


April 2014 – Quaker launches CoolanTool™, the first mobile app in the industry that allows users to manage their data from anywhere in the plant with just a smartphone.  It facilitates the monitoring processes of metalworking fluids and organization of the data results in a number of ways.  With CoolanTool™, users can capture and track the performance of the soluble metalworking cutting fluids in CNC machines.

June 2014 – Quaker Chemical acquires the remaining 49% ownership interest in its Australian affiliate, Quaker Chemical (Australasia) Pty. Limited (“QCA”). QCA sells Quaker products to the metalworking, steel, tube & pipe and mining industries in Australia and has associates based in various locations around Australia.

August 15, 2014 – Quaker Chemical acquires ECLI Products, LLC, a specialty grease manufacturer, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. The company specializes in greases for OEM first-fill customers across several industry sectors, including automotive, industrial, aerospace/military, electronics, office automation and natural resources.

November 3, 2014 – Quaker Chemical acquires Binol AB, a leading bio-lubricants producer primarily serving the Nordic region. Binol develops, produces and markets environmentally friendly products to high-quality customers within two main segments: Metalworking and Forestry & Construction. Products are primarily marketed under the Binol brand names (Binol® and BioSafe®).


July 30, 2015 – Quaker acquires Verkol, S.A., a leading specialty grease and lubricants manufacturer and marketer based in Northern Spain. Verkol sells products into industrial end markets with a particular strength serving the Steel industry. Verkol was established in 1923 and has operated in its current Bera, Navarra location since 1972, where the company’s headquarters, R&D and production are based. The company also has a sales office based in Madrid.


November 2016 – Quaker acquired Lubricor Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of metalworking fluids based in Waterloo, Ontario, for approximately 16 million Canadian dollars, or $11.8 million. Lubricor annually sells approximately $10 million of branded products directly to its North American customers, primarily automotive suppliers, and into Southeast Asia through a distributor relationship in Thailand. Also, Lubricor has an annual estimated EBITDA of approximately $1.6 million. Lubricor Inc. was established in 1998 in Waterloo, Ontario, where the company’s headquarters, R&D and production are based. The company currently employs approximately 30 individuals.


April 2017 – Quaker Chemical Corporation and Houghton International Inc., companies with a combined 250-year history as providers of process fluids, chemical specialties, and technical expertise to the global primary metals and metalworking industries, today announced that they have executed a definitive agreement to combine the companies. Both Quaker Chemical and Houghton International are headquartered in the Philadelphia area.

December 21, 2017 – Quaker Chemical Corporation announced that it recently acquired the remaining 45% ownership interest in its India joint venture, Quaker Chemical India Private Limited (QCIL), from its joint venture partner, Asianol Lubricants Private Limited.


Recognized For Excellence. The World Over.

To Quaker, real quality means real value. We deliver it by anticipating, satisfying and exceeding customer expectations the first time – and every time. It starts with business planning, product and service development, raw material selection, and extends through manufacturing, shipment, administrative functions and final utilization of the product.

Our efforts have been acknowledged globally by the International Organization for Standardization, through which we’ve earned ISO 9001 certification at our own facilities, as well as at customer sites where we deliver services and products directly. Many of our facilities are also ISO 14001 certified and rated by accredited companies such as Lloyd’s, British Standards Institute (BSI) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Understanding ISO Standards

ISO 9000 relates to “quality management,” meaning the organization enhances customer satisfaction by meeting customer and regulatory requirements, while continually working to improve its performance. ISO 14000 rates “environmental management,” judging what the organization has done
and continues to do to minimize any harmful effects on the environment.

Quaker meets ISO standards at its locations all around the world. Global ISO MAP

We’re proud to have earned a wide range of certifications from governments and independent industry organizations. We are most proud, however, of the many awards we have received from our customers. View some of these awards to date.

We are proud to have earned a wide range of certifications from governments and independent industry organizations. We are most proud, however, of the many awards we have received from our customers.  Below are some of these awards to date:

Quaker Chemical B.V.—The Netherlands

  • Aperam Isbergues – Stainless Steel—Classe A
  • Arcelor Mittal Dudelange—Steel Flat Carbon—Good Supplier
  • Arcelor Mittal EU—Steel—Average Supplier
  • Arcelor Mittal Montataire—A+ Supplier
  • Arcelor Mittal-Reims—A+ Supplier
  • Arcelor Mittal Saint-Chély—Steel Flat Carbon—Good Supplier
  • Constellium—Good Supplier
  • Indesit Company—Good Supplier
  • NLMK—Coating—Preferred Supplier
  • Paturle—Steel—A Supplier
  • RSPO supply chain certification standard – Certified for the production of process fluids with RSPO-certified palm oil
  • Salzgitter Flachstahl—Steel—Good Supplier
  • Schaeffler France—A Supplier
  • Schaeffler Hungary—A Supplier
  • Sydow Druckguss Germany—A Supplier
  • Tata Steel Ijmuiden—A Supplier/
  • Thyssen Krupp Duisburg—A Supplier
  • Thyssen Krupp Electrical Steel UGO—Steel—A Supplier
  • ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe—Steel—Preferred Supplier
  • ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe—Steel Corrosion Inhibitor—Preferred Supplier
  • TSA—Automotive—A Supplier
  • US Steel Kosice—A Supplier
  • USS Kosice—Steel—Acceptable
  • Voest alpine Linz—A Supplier
  • Voest Linz—A Supplier

Quaker Chemical Corporation—U.S.A.

  • PRO-TEC—Supplier of the Year Award – Performance Excellence
  • North America Die Casting Association (NADCA)—Safety Award
  • Nucor Steel—Safety Excellence
  • Occupational Safety & Health Magazine (OSH)—RapidShield™: Signage & Identification—New Product of the Year
  • World of Concrete Trade Show—RapidShield™—Most Innovative Product
  • Caterpillar AQI Certification
  • Delphi Pinnacle Award—Supplier Excellence
  • Lockheed—Quality Approval Certification
  • PreFinish Metals—Quality Supplier Approval Rating
  • Textron—Outstanding Vendor
  • Kosher/Halal/Adventist/Vegetarian Certification

Quaker Chemical India Limited—India

  • TATA Steel—Best Vendor in SRM Implementation

Quaker Chemical Indústria e Comércio Ltda—Brazil

  • COSIPA-USIMINAS Group—Supplier of the Year
  • CST-ACELOR Group—Excellent “A” Supplier Quality Rating
  • Ford—Supplier of the Year
  • Mercedes Benz—Supplier Ecology Certification
  • Mercedes Benz—Supplier Quality Certification
  • Termicom—Supplier of the Year
  • Volkswagen—Supplier of the Year

Quaker Chemical (Australasia) Pty. Limited—Australia

  • Mitsubishi Motors—Limited Value Analysis Olympics Participant

Quaker Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.—China

  • Vogel—QUAKERCOOL® 588 – 2010 CIMES Top 20 Innovation Products Award
  • Ringier Technology—QUAKERAL® 370 KLG Innovation Award
  • China Automobile Industry—Yearly Excellent Outsourcing Provider
  • Qingpu District—Technology Innovation Demonstration
  • Advanced Technology of Foreign Invested Enterprises Award
  • Safe Certification of Mining Products
  • Advanced Foreign Invested Enterprises for Excellent Economic and Export Performance in Shanghai of Year
  • Benxi Iron & Steel – Excellent Supplier
  • Southwest Aluminum – Excellent Supplier

Quaker Chemical S.A.—Argentina

  • Acindar Group—A1 and First Supplier
  • Sello Baires Quality Award of Buenos Aires
  • Siderar, Techint Group—Supplier CA & Certified Quality Award

Quaker Chemical S.A.—Spain

  • Corus Laminación y derivados – Steel Flat Carbon – A Supplier
  • Lusosider – Steel Flat Carbon – A Supplier
  • Crown Cork & Seal – Can – Qualified
  • Rexam – Can – Qualified
  • Thyssen Krupp Galmed – Steel Flat Carbon – A Supplier

Quaker Chemical South Africa (Pty.) Limited—South Africa

  • NOSA 5 Star Rating
  • NOSA – Overall Winner on NOSA 5 Star Integrated System Section D3 for the Manufacture of Coke, Refined Petroleum Products and Chemicals
  • NOSA – Integrated Top 100 Award for World Class SHE Performance

TecniQuimia Mexicana S.A. de C.V.—Mexico

  • Clean Industry Award

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In today’s competitive markets, Quaker’s customers continuously seek to improve processes, raise productivity and lower costs, maximize efficiency, and generate more income.  Examples of our results can be seen in our Technical Case Studies.

Every day, everywhere in the world, Quaker provides high-quality products that are incorporated into a unique offering of teamwork, service, application know-how and ongoing support. The result is superior value and lower total costs for customers. We coordinate and align products, services, resources and expertise to make your continuous improvement consistent throughout the world. Additional information on Quaker, our capabilities and results are described more fully in our corporate inserts.

Quaker also offers superior service through our distributor network in order to improve the local support available to customers, improve the speed and quality of response to your needs, and to provide faster and better problem resolution. We are dedicated to your total satisfaction.

Our expertise and process experience is unrivaled in the markets we serve. We can put this knowledge to work for you giving your business the competitive advantage it deserves. Contact Quaker today to get started.

Our Mission.

To deliver customer solutions developed by dedicated associates with a passion and reputation for making a difference. By taking our customers’ needs and goals to heart, we don’t just sell them products – we create ways to make them stronger.  It’s inside everything we do.

Our Core Values.

Our core values are real world statements of how we conduct our lives in Quaker; that is, what governs our decisions and behavior.

  • Customer Commitment – We continuously seek ways to exceed the expectations of our customers, and are solely focused on their success
  • Safety – We will provide a safe working environment, and expect our Associates to operate in a safe manner in all circumstances
  • Integrity – We value honesty, “do the right thing” in our behavior, and deliver on our promises
  • Teamwork – We will work together as a globally integrated whole,
    and expect cooperation and open communication between
    all associates
  • Respect – We will treat others with respect while conducting business,
    both within and outside of the company
  • Diversity and Inclusion – We are committed to creating a work environment
    which encourages, values and fully leverages diverse backgrounds,
    experiences, and cultures
  • Excellence – We set high expectations, holding ourselves accountable for
    results. We work with a strong sense of urgency and strive for flawless execution
  • Entrepreneurship – We encourage new ideas and innovative thinking in the pursuit
    of constructive change