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15% Reduced Fluid Consumption in Deep Hole Drilling

QUAKERCOOL® 3530 AFF is a formaldehyde releaserfree, water-dilutable semi-synthetic fluid with a medium mineral oil content, suitable for machining and grinding operations on most engineering materials, including sensitive aeronautical aluminum alloys.


36% Concentration Reduction Machining Cast Aluminum Parts

QUAKERCOOL® 7450 is a high-performance, formaldehyde and boron free microemulsion ideally suited to all operations on aluminum and ferrous alloys demanding premium surface finish quality and consistent lubrication.


Eliminating Dermititis and Odor Milling Cast Iron

QUAKERCOOL® 7330 BFF was introduced solving the customer’s skin irritation issues, eliminated the smelly odor, increased tool life X2, and top ups were decreased from 3% to 1.5%.


99% Rejected Engine Head Reduction

The use of FERROCOTE® 118 DC resulted in a 99% reduction of rejected engine heads, virtual elimination of the rust removal step, elimination of foam and bacterial growth, and a system life increase of 14%.