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Underground Coal Mine Mitigates The Risk Of Fire By Using Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid

To mitigate the risks of using a mineral oil based hydraulic fluid a large underground coal mine in southern West Virginia was using QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-68 an MSHA approved fire-resistant hydraulic fluid in their hydraulic systems.


$500,000 Savings via Longwall Fluid Conversion

Introducing QUINTOLUBRIC 818-02 full synthetic Longwall Fluid to a longwall mine fixed sediment issues, and enabled the mine to reduce fluid consumption, lower filter usage, and improve the pump station and solenoid valve performance, resulting in $500,000 cost savings.


Reducing Haul Road Dust When Water Is Scarce With Quaker Dustgrip® Super Tac

DUSTGRIP® SUPER TAC can reduce fine dust generated by large equipment operating on the untreated haul roads at a surface copper mine in a dry and low humidity environment where water is expensive and scarce.


Avoiding an Oil Fire Pool

When a steel producer had a fire incident in the Electric Arc Furnace process due to metal sparks igniting mineral oil that leaked and accumulated to form a pool they converted to QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-46 to minimize the risk of fire due to its increased auto ignition and heat of combustion compared to mineral oil.


Reducing Coolant, Water and Energy Consumption

By switching to Quaker’s 2PAQ™ technology: QUAKERCOOL® W-ALCA BFF & 7895 OIL, the customer was able to benefit from coolant and water consumption savings of up to 50% and a savings of up to 24% on energy consumption.


15% Reduced Fluid Consumption in Deep Hole Drilling

QUAKERCOOL® 3530 AFF is a formaldehyde releaserfree, water-dilutable semi-synthetic fluid with a medium mineral oil content, suitable for machining and grinding operations on most engineering materials, including sensitive aeronautical aluminum alloys.


36% Concentration Reduction Machining Cast Aluminum Parts

QUAKERCOOL® 7450 is a high-performance, formaldehyde and boron free microemulsion ideally suited to all operations on aluminum and ferrous alloys demanding premium surface finish quality and consistent lubrication.


Eliminating Dermititis and Odor Milling Cast Iron

QUAKERCOOL® 7330 BFF was introduced solving the customer’s skin irritation issues, eliminated the smelly odor, increased tool life X2, and top ups were decreased from 3% to 1.5%.


99% Rejected Engine Head Reduction

The use of FERROCOTE® 118 DC resulted in a 99% reduction of rejected engine heads, virtual elimination of the rust removal step, elimination of foam and bacterial growth, and a system life increase of 14%.