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How can I become a Distributor?2019-03-05T17:26:46-04:00

Quaker carefully selects our partners to assure quality service and products to our customers. To become a Distributor, contact Quaker and provide information on your company and its technical and sales capabilities. If selected, your company would sign a contract with Quaker and be assigned a territory in which to operate.

If you are interested in becoming a Quaker Distributor, please contact QAdvantage (U.S.), Laurent Barnagaud(Europe), Sergio Botafogo (S. America), or Albert Ma (Asia Pacific).

What is the name of the nearest Quaker Distributor?2019-03-05T17:27:07-04:00

Quaker has pioneered a new concept in the industry and has an established network of Distributors. These Distributors have been carefully selected and trained to generate value for all customers who use Quaker’s advantaged products. Quaker is working to extend this network into all parts of the world.

I am interested in becoming a Quaker customer. Who should I speak to?2017-08-11T18:06:06-04:00

You should speak to our Sales & Marketing Department first to determine whether it is best to serve you directly or through a Distributor. While we recognize that our global reach brings unique value to our customers, it is our local presence and contact which enables Quaker to deliver this value. We have operations in all major regions of the world and work to provide local resources to serve local needs. Click here to find the Quaker office which can serve you best. Information on addresses and telephone numbers is provided.

I am currently having a problem with a Quaker product. How can I contact Quaker to get help?2017-08-11T18:05:35-04:00

Quaker’s success is in its ability to serve customers and solve unique problems. Quaker has an organized team of field personnel backed up by development laboratories around the world to generate value for our customers. Your first contact is your assigned sales representative. This Quaker Associate is responsible for managing the global Quaker resources to help you solve your issues.

If you are unsure of this contact, please click here to find the Quaker office nearest you. Information on addresses and telephone numbers is provided.

Who do I contact regarding a current order?2017-08-11T18:04:51-04:00

Quaker serves customers almost everywhere in the world. We have customer service teams in all regions. We pride ourselves on customer knowledge and work to integrate our team with each of our customers. Quaker provides direct sales contact to most of our customers and as part of this process, your firm will be assigned a customer service representative in your area.

If you are unsure of this contact, please click here to find the Quaker office nearest you. Information on addresses and telephone numbers is provided.

What does Quaker produce or sell?2017-08-11T18:03:45-04:00

Quaker Chemical is a leading global provider of process fluids, chemical specialties, and technical expertise to a wide range of industries, including steel, aluminum, automotive, mining, aerospace, tube and pipe, cans, and others.  For nearly 100 years, Quaker has helped customers around the world achieve production efficiency, improve product quality, and lower costs through a combination of innovative technology, process knowledge, and customized services.  Headquartered in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania USA, Quaker serves businesses worldwide with a network of dedicated and experienced professionals whose mission is to make a difference.

Is Quaker Chemical Corporation related to any other Quaker’s?2017-08-11T18:02:29-04:00

No, Quaker Chemical Corporation is not related to any other company having Quaker in its name. Quaker was formed in 1918 and is headquartered in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

The most common companies confused with us are: Quaker Oats Company – manufacturer of food products (; Quaker State Company – manufacturer of engine oils (; Quaker Chemical Company – located in Columbia, SC (