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Reducing Coolant, Water and Energy Consumption

By switching to Quaker’s 2PAQ™ technology: QUAKERCOOL®W-ALCA BFF & 7895 OIL, the customer was able to benefit from coolant and water consumption savings of up to 50% and a savings of up to 24% on energy consumption.


15% Reduced Fluid Consumption in Deep Hole Drilling

QUAKERCOOL® 3530 AFF is a formaldehyde releaserfree, water-dilutable semi-synthetic fluid with a medium mineral oil content, suitable for machining and grinding operations on most engineering materials, including sensitive aeronautical aluminum alloys.


36% Concentration Reduction Machining Cast Aluminum Parts

QUAKERCOOL® 7450 is a high-performance, formaldehyde and boron free microemulsion ideally suited to all operations on aluminum and ferrous alloys demanding premium surface finish quality and consistent lubrication.


13% Tool Life Increase

The use of QUAKERCOOL® 7350 BFF by a cycling component manufacturer increased tool life by 11-13%, reduced coolant cost by 21%, saved 6,000€/year , and chlorinated additives and foam were eliminated.

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99% Rejected Engine Head Reduction

The use of FERROCOTE® 118 DC resulted in a 99% reduction of rejected engine heads, virtual elimination of the rust removal step, elimination of foam and bacterial growth, and a system life increase of 14%.


57% Reduction in Respirable Dust

Adding DUSTGRIP® TURBO to a continuous miner reduced dust levels at an underground mining operation from 1.65 mg/m3 to .95 mg/m3. Also, DUSTGRIP® 007 reduced the amount of respirable dust generated on their roadways. Case Study. Quaker Chemical