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57% Reduction in Respirable Dust

Adding DUSTGRIP® TURBO to a continuous miner reduced dust levels at an underground mining operation from 1.65 mg/m3 to .95 mg/m3. Also, DUSTGRIP® 007 reduced the amount of respirable dust generated on their roadways. Case Study. Quaker Chemical


88% Savings via Coolant Management

An aircraft engine manufacturer looking for significant waste reduction switched to QUAKERCOOL® 7205 and realized 88% annual savings in coolant spend, labor, and fluid treatment.


Reduction in Hot Slag Fires for a Steel Mill’s Ladle Turret Operation

Quaker Chemical Corporation (“Quaker”) proposed the steel mill trial QUINTOPLEX™ LXS 1002-EP, while the grease burns, the duration time is very short due to its unique formulation, therefore, reducing the risk of fire hazards.