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on May 6th - 9th in Pittsburgh, PA.
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Whether it’s casting, hot or cold rolling, cleaning, tempering, corrosion protection, surface treatment, or tin plating, Quaker has an integrated process solution and service to optimize operations and increase profitability. We’ve been the leading supplier of process fluids and customized lubrication to the biggest names in steel for 100 years.



  • The safest choice for your plant
  • Supported uninterrupted production
  • Reduced environmental impact


Quaker has a broad portfolio of fluid solutions and services for steel mill operations:


Tuesday, May 7th at 3:00 – 3:30 pm
Room 307
Session: Cold Sheet Rolling

Bas Smeulders, PhD, Research Scientist


Cold rolling of hard steel types places very high demands on the lubricant. The development of suitable lubricants starts with a firm knowledge base of the cold rolling process, tribology and lubricant technology. Mathematical modeling is useful in exploring opportunities and limitations of lubrication and in selecting the most efficient lubricant properties. Subsequent laboratory testing allows evaluation of the lubricant under well-defined conditions and characterization of its physico-chemical properties. Examples will be given to illustrate this lubricant development process.

scientist bas smeulders


Bas Smeulders is a Research Scientist based at the Quaker B.V. (Uithoorn, The Netherlands) facility. He is a graduate of University of Nijmegen (NL) with a degree in physical chemistry. He completed his PhD in rheology at University of Twente (NL) and his postdoctorate studies in rheology at University of Cambridge (UK). Bas enjoys cycling, playing guitar, and Amsterdam history.

Tuesday, May 7th at 2:30-3:00pm
Room 310
Session: Lubrication & Hydraulics

Josef Barreto-Pohlen, Global Technical Director – Greases


The long products process often face production losses and huge maintenance costs due to improper lubricant selection and/or over or under lubrication. The effects — such as bearings failures, clogging of the lines, productions stops and fires — are all well known. It is obvious that a reduction of these kinds of events will be of high interest, as it will not only reduce costs and loss of production but also improve reliability and safety. This paper covers key elements such as application and tribology knowledge, lubrication know-how and field trials, in order to achieve the optimal lubrication for each individual caster and rolling mill.

Josef Barreto-Pohlen is the Global Technology Director - GreaseBio:

Based in Germany, he joined Quaker in 2014 and started as the Technical Manager – Greases for the EMEA region. He has 38 years of experience in the lubricant industry with a main focus on lubricant greases. In addition, he is the convenor of ISO TC28/WG19, the Test Method for Lubricating Greases. On a personal note, Josef enjoys running, reading, and traveling with his wife especially to Brazil and Greece.