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Quaker Chemical will be exhibiting at 



Die Casting Congress and Exposition

 2018 on October 15th - 17th in Indianapolis, IN.


Quaker is recognized as the technical leader in the die cast lubricant field. Our innovative solutions provide the key to die casting lubricant performance. Increased temperature stability and controlled application provide the fundamentals for lubricant behavior. To this end, Quaker Chemical formulated Smart Polymer technology based on heat activated polymers. Quaker is committed to producing these critical components at the lowest possible cost for our customers by manufacturing Smart Polymers in our facilities. Smart Polymers in DIE SLICK® die release lubricants form a tough barrier on hot areas of the die, while lightly coating cooler, less demanding areas. And for our customers this means:

  • Lower Total Cost – Increased die life, improved cycle time shots/hour and reduced maintenance
  • Increased Performance – Brighter castings, reduced soldering and residue, and excellent emulsion stability
  • Improved Production – Excellent part quality and shorter cycle times


Monday October 15
Lubricants Session
“Instantaneous Monitoring of Bio-Growth in Die Lubricants with Adenosine Triphosphate Testing”
By: Chirag Vaghela, Development Chemist III

In this Congress session, you will learn about the importance of die lubricant monitoring for bio-growth. . It is essential to maintain bio-growth control to avoid filter plugging, foul smell, bio-mass build up inside the recirculating tank and/or on the machines, and the associated health risks. Attend this session to learn how adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing is a valuable way to achieve results within minutes enabling die casters to take immediate action to rectify lubricant condition.

Monday October 15
Lubricants Session
“Understanding Your Lubricant Optimizes Production”
By Dr. Matthew Lococo

Die lubricants are often marketed for specific die temperature ranges, various alloys, machine sizes or even for specific castings. But, do we truly understand why one product will perform well for engine blocks but is not effective for meter housings? Attend this session to learn about the correlation of chemical properties i.e., active content and thermal stability to production efficiency parameters such as concentration of spray, cycle times, and die maintenance.


Quaker has a broad portfolio of die casting fluid solutions to meet all your die casting needs:

  • Die Lubricants – DIE SLICK® water-based and water free die lubricants with Smart Polymer technology
  • Plunger Lubricants – PLUNGER SLICK® and POLY SLICK™ plunger tip lubricants
  • Ladle Coatings – LADLE SLICK™ ceramic coating to protect ladles
  • Trimming Lubricants – TRIM SLICK™ lubricants for trim dies
  • Hydraulic Fluids – Specially designed fire-resistant QUINTOLUBRIC® fluids
  • Metal Removal Fluids – QUAKERCOOL®, and QUAKERCUT® for machining needs
  • Cleaners – QUAKERCLEAN® and QUAKER FORMULA® process and maintenance cleaners
  • Ancillary Support Products – ANTI-SOLDER™ paste, QUENCH SLICK™ quenching compounds, greases, squeeze casting lube and more