Green Chemistry Principles2017-11-10T21:36:19-04:00


(These are guidelines, not rules)

As a first step in our “green chemistry” CSR work, a team of technical associates from around the globe has developed a set of Principles that all regions in Quaker should follow.

  • Prevention of waste will always be a consideration in design, manufacturing, and application of our products.
  • Wherever practical, products will use and generate substances that possess little or no toxicity to human health and the environment.
  • We strive for safe use, with negligible impact to human health in the applications of our products.
  • We will consider process efficiency for manufacturing in product design, and carefully examine the most efficient means of manufacturing to maximize yield, improve efficiency, and reduce or prevent waste.
  • We will weigh the benefits of the use of renewable feed stocks.
  • We will consider end life – including ease of disposal, degradation, and impact to environment – in the design process of our products.
  • Substances and the form of a substance used in a chemical process should be chosen to minimize the potential for chemical accidents – including releases, explosions, and fires.