QUAKER: Growing eveR stronger.


Our business strategy is clearly working. We are successfully growing in our base markets, gaining market share and extending into new markets. However, it’s critical that we grow stronger still. We must execute our strategy tomorrow better than we did today. Because market forces are growing more complex and competitive every day. Customers are consolidating, merging and moving to new regions. New demands, and the technologies to meet them, are multiplying. Quite simply, the pace of business is faster than ever before. That’s why in 2016, we launched OneQuaker, an account management process and customized customer relationship management (CRM) platform. It will increase our ability to deliver results in challenging global markets and to execute our strategy more fully and consistently worldwide.

A ROBUST, GLOBALLY UNIFORM PLATFORM. OneQuaker is a synthesis of the best practices, principles and thinking that have worked so well for us. With OneQuaker, our associates can more easily share and leverage information—customer contacts by role and relationship, decision trees by account region and product line, sales pipelines, trial information, white space analysis and more. It’s vital information for sales and management—all uniformly organized, easily accessible any time of day, anywhere in the world.

HELPING US WIN BUSINESS AND ACCELERATE GROWTH. At Quaker, we have a simple formula for driving growth that has two inseparable parts. We strive to consistently deliver valuable results, then clearly communicate the value we delivered. Being able to repeat these steps is essential to keeping, winning and growing customer accounts. With OneQuaker, we can execute this formula better than ever. Here’s how: Collaboration across the organization, already a strength for Quaker, is easier and more effective. The stream of knowledge that’s shared on OneQuaker helps associates create solutions that deliver the best value to our customers—and do it more proactively. And it also helps them capture, then communicate our value—more consistently.

GETTING ONEQUAKER RIGHT. To ensure its success, we designed and developed OneQuaker using a highly collaborative process. From the start, the team—company leaders representing every geography, role and business line—reviewed feedback and ideas from a wide range of employees. In total, 15% of all the people who would be using OneQuaker were interviewed to capture input for its development. After a good response to the initial pilot, each of the several rounds of refinements made the final product better and easier to use. In June 2016, OneQuaker was rolled out in China. And by October, it had been implemented in every region—with more than 400 people trained in seven languages.

A LOOK TO THE FUTURE. OneQuaker is a critical step to ensuring we have what it takes to thrive. While it’s in its early stages, it is already helping us serve our customers better, collaborate more efficiently and make better decisions. And, in the next few years, it will help make the Quaker brand even stronger than it is today.