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For Quaker, our Distributors are our "partners," to improve the speed and quality of response to customer needs, provide faster and better problem resolution and utilize our resources efficiently.

With these "partners," Quaker is able to support our global customer base while at the same time providing local attention where and when it is needed. This allows us to focus the resources on the development of improved products to meet the needs of our manufacturing customers.

North America

QAdvantage delivers Quaker products and services in North America.


Europe, Middle East & Africa

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Asia Pacific

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Quaker is proud of the expanding network of highly qualified and successful Distributors who serve Quaker customers around the globe. If you are interested in becoming a Quaker Distributor, please contact QAdvantage (U.S.), Laurent Barnagaud (Europe), Cristiane Goncalves (S. America), or Albert Ma (Asia/Pacific).