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Our people are the key to success in anything we do at Quaker — including CSR.  Without the dedication, knowledge and expertise of our Associates, we would not be the successful company that we are today.

Keeping our people safe, healthy, and engaged is of critical importance to ensure our future as a company.

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As a global company, we are already diverse in our mix of Associates, but we want to foster a work environment that encourages, values, and leverages diverse backgrounds, experiences, thinking, and cultures. By welcoming the differences among people, we will enrich our company and create real competitive advantage.

Quaker is committed to creating a workplace that is respectful and inclusive, and actively seeks to ensure that every Associate has the opportunity to make meaningful contributions and develop her/his career.  In 2012, we added Diversity & Inclusion as a Core Value to clearly demonstrate this commitment.

There are many areas to focus on in Diversity & Inclusion, and Quaker has chosen to start with women in the workforce. We work in male-dominated industries, which can make it difficult to find qualified female candidates. However, in recent years we have worked to widen our pool of new hire candidates as well as develop our existing women Associates.

In 2014, we launched women’s affinity groups in Brazil and China, to connect and support women in their Quaker careers. In 2015, a similar group launched at our global headquarters in the US, and we continue to expand this group to other sites.


To encourage Associate participation and to foster an environment of inclusion, we have established local CSR Teams at most of our sites around the globe. These teams are responsible for coordinating and driving all CSR-related activities at that site. This includes developing action plans to execute activities, including Capital Expenditure requests as needed, and reporting results to Management.

Examples of 2015 CSR Team projects include:

  • BRAZIL: We installed a cooling tower to recycle water used to cool some of our R&D Lab equipment. By adding the cooling tower, in 2016 we expect a savings of 180,000 liters of fresh water and up to USD 1,250 per month.
  • USA: Our Detroit, MI manufacturing facility installed a new steam generating system, which increased our steam production by approximately 30%. It also provided a number of reductions, including lower carbon monoxide emissions (80%) and less natural gas consumption (25%).
  • CHINA: Our Qingpu (Shanghai) facility used We Chat — the social media platform — to manage six “flea markets” in 2015. By selling used goods such as children’s toys, clothes or books, our Associates helped to recycle/re-use various items in our local community. All money was donated to our internal charity fund.
  • SPAIN: We collected drain water from our Barcelona plant’s water cooling towers and re-used in our scrubbers (which clean exhaust gasses from our blenders). Previously, the drain water was sent to waste water treatment and fresh water was used for the scrubbers.
  • USA: Our Conshohocken, PA headquarters installed eight bike racks in our on-site gym, to provide bike storage for commuters and those who bicycle to increase their overall welln


As a global leader, we are focused on continuously improving our safety performance. As we grow in size, we are working hard to maintain a strong safety culture. Our efforts include additional safety training with all Associates and implementing new safety programs in all facilities, both globally and locally.

In early 2014, we launched a new, global Safety Vision to help guide us on our path forward.  Every Quaker site around the globe posted this Vision in a public area, signed by local Associates as a display of commitment that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

We have many other safety building blocks in place. For example:

  • We have achieved OHSAS 18001 certification in all main manufacturing sites in Europe, China and Brazil;
  • We are a member of the American Chemistry Council, and are working towards Responsible Care 14001 certification in all US-based facilities (expected by end 2017);
  • Local teams implement Lean & Six Sigma team projects in our facilities around the globe, including Lean “5S+Safety” projects which help to eliminate waste, improve workplace design efficiency, and foster a safe working environment.


Global leader, global responsibility.

As a global leader in our industries, we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and to be involved in our local communities.


At Quaker, we are all in.

We are 100% committed to delivering environmentally friendly solutions.


Creating sustainable value.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves a balance between people, planet and profit.


Products that make a difference.
We supply a unique portfolio, making a difference for each customer and each application — from chemical specialties to process fluids, coatings to lubricants, and more.