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Cupper Lubricants

State-of-the-art aluminum and tinplate cupper lubricants; include products applied neat or as emulsions. Facilitate the drawing of sheet metal into cups; provides a proper surface for the subsequent bodymaking process; provides excellent lubrication in the cup and can making processes; provides maximum protection against bleed-through in aluminum can making; and gives ferrous and non-ferrous corrosion protection to can making equipment and tooling.

Bodymaker Lubricants

High performance lubricants. Easily cleaned in either acidic or alkaline cleaning processes. Includes both synthetic and semi-synthetic bodymaker coolants.

Bottle Can Necking Lubricants

High lubricity, FDA compliant necker lubricants for bottle can and aluminum aerosol production applications. Easily rinsed off in conventional bottle rinser systems.

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Pin Chain Lubricants

High performance, high temperature, H1 Food Grade, synthetic ester-based lubricants formulated for the use on pin chains.

Tab Forming Lubricants

Premium quality lubricating oils for use in industrial food grade manufacturing applications.

Post Lubricants

Organic coatings for aluminum can body sheet that are generally applied electrostatically at the aluminum mill. These products provide scratch and corrosion protection and also have lubrication properties to aid in subsequent cupping and can drawing operations. Products are designed to provide superior bleed-through protection and cutting-forming characteristics.