100% UV Curing, Tube and Pipe Permanent Protective Coatings

High-gloss 100% UV curing, permanent protective coating intended for use as a corrosion inhibiting coating on metal tube and pipe surfaces. Benefits include good hardness, good impact resistance, superior adhesion, and instant curing and corrosion protection. QUAKERCOAT® 036 complies with current environmental regulations on volatile solvent contents for paints and varnishes as a zero-VOC coating. This product is ready to use, saving you time and effort!

Tube and Pipe Water-based Protective Coatings

Water-based protective coating intended to prevent corrosion on metal surfaces, particularly on the outer surfaces of tubes and pipes. QUAKERCOAT® gives you excellent slip and gloss development, excellent outdoor protection, excellent adhesion properties and a fast dry coating. Additionally, as a cured film, this coating has very good abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

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Water-Based Air Drying, Permanent Protective Primers

A premium option for water-based, air curing, permanent protective primer for metal tubes and pipe surfaces. This fast-drying black liquid has a low VOC, excellent corrosion protection, high solids for better spray efficiency and recoatable with water based acrylic varnishes.