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Used in the 



metalworking industries

. Formulated to be readily removed through conventional 

alkaline metal cleaning


degreasing procedures

. Specifically developed to 

protect metal surfaces



for up to one year; can be applied using spray, dip, brush or electrostatic techniques.

Metal Rust Preventives

Interim, in-process and final 

rust inhibitors

 designed to 

protect metal parts

 during the manufacturing process and for medium to long-term indoor 

storage of metal surfaces

, both 




. Proper selection and application of the fluid can result in substantial 

cost benefits

. Used in such processes 

spray washing


slushing equipment


remove residual coolant fluid

 and grinding/honing debris from assembled 


 and components, 



cast iron alloys

 and uncoated and 

coated steel strip


Edge Sealers

Edge sealers are formulated to be applied to the outer-lap of the 


 and to the 


. Edge sealers typically utilize volatile components and waxes to provide 

barrier protection

 to the coil. Subsequently, this barrier film offers protection from a variety of environmental contaminants, including 

acid atmosphere

. These types of products are generally considered very 

robust rust preventives

 but often are more difficult to remove when compared to common 

mill oils

. Today, Quaker offers 

environmentally friendly


low VOC

edge sealer


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Mill Applied Lubricants





rust inhibitor

 that also provides 

enhanced lubrication properties

 as compared to 

mill oils. Generally, prelubes will offer

better rust protection

 from humidity as compared to most mill oils and will clean easily too. These types of products contain additives that offer 

increased hydrodynamic


boundary lubrication

. In some cases, these products also contain 

extreme pressure additives

 for lubrication.

Slushing Oils


(Mill Oils)

These products embody the overall value expected from a 

slushing oil

, including: excellent 

humidity protection

stain resistance

 and removal from the surface. The aforementioned characteristics of a slushing oil are typically the formulating characteristics of all mill oils currently available. However, varying degrees of 

humidity protection

 are available in mill oils and are commonly referred to as “enhanced” mill oils. These products offer the same performance characteristics of standard slushing oils, but exceed the overall humidity protection.

Vanishing Oils

Vanishing oils are also formulated with volatile components, but contrary to 

edge sealers

, they are formulated to leave a very 

low residual film

 on the surface. As a result, vanishing oils do not offer the same level of 

humidity protection


lubrication characteristics

 as compared to edge sealers, prelubes or slushing oils. However, the very low residual film does allow for

wet tempering

 and short to medium term protection while having very little impact on downstream processes. These oils offer 

light duty stamping lubrication



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Hot melt


dry film technology

, free of solvent or water carriers. Provides 

excellent corrosion

 and industrial lubrication properties for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

Applied electrostatically

 or by other conventional methods for use as a corrosion preventive, rust inhibitor or mill applied lubricant. Electrostatic application allows for in-house, in-line application.
QUAKER DRYCOTE® is a corrosion preventive dry film for 

stainless steel


high strength


steel applications

. It can offer 

transport protection


long-term indoor storage


Efficient applications


electrostatic methods

, which will need 

heated delivery


application oiler cabinet


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QUAKER DRYCOTE® offers the benefits of excellent 



corrosion protection


acidic atmospheres

clean burning






without toxic vapors

rapid film curing

 and drying time, 

superb lubrication

 and good 

anti-galling lubrication


steel materials



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