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Multifunctional Dust Suppressants – DUSTGRIP ®

Moisture-absorbing (hygroscopic) clear liquid that reduces the generation of airborne particulate matter from unpaved roads. DUSTGRIP ® absorbs moisture from the air and allows small dust particles to combine and increase in size, making them less prone to become airborne.

Dust Suppressants for Mine Haul Roads, Crushing, Conveying and Longwall Mining – DUSTGRIP ® TURBO

Water-based dust suppression concentrate designed for multiple applications including mine haul roads, stockpiles and longwall mining. DUSTGRIP ® TURBO is a proprietary blend of wetting agents designed to accelerate water penetration in areas where dust is a hazard. When used according to instructions, it reduces the total water volume consumed for dust suppression purposes. Repeated applications have a cumulative effect, maintaining subsoil moisture content for long periods, depending on soil types, traffic and weather conditions.

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Rail Car Topper Dust Suppressants – DUSTGRIP ® RT

A water-soluble formulation of wetting, penetrating and agglomerating agents used to reduce or eliminate dust emissions during transportation and storage. Once applied using conventional spray equipment, the solution dries to form a thin, flexible and continuous film that eliminates dust for extended periods.

Thin, Flexible Seal Dust Suppressants for Roads and Open Areas – DUSTGRIP ® 007

A dust management tool that forms a thin, flexible seal to provide in most environments, durable control and suppression of dust caused by wind, vehicle and light equipment traffic; and needs no special equipment for application.

Stable, Rigid Seal Dust Suppressants for Roads and Open Areas – DUSTGRIP ® 1000

A simply utilized film-forming tool designed for dust management, which provides in most environments, durable control while maintaining a reduction of surface dust caused by wind, vehicle and heavy equipment traffic; and no additional equipment is needed to operate.