fire-resistant grease

 designed to 

replace extreme pressure, mineral oil-based greases

 in applications with fire hazards, or in 

environmentally sensitive bearing applications


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Aluminum Complex Greases – QUAKERTEK ™ AX SERIES

Effective when 

maximum performance


water resistance

 are required, and 

water washout or water spray off

 is a concern. Provides maximum performance for 

bearings that service the blast furnace

basic oxygen furnace

coke making

caster and hot mill

 as well as other applications, and is 

fortified with extreme pressure additives


Lithium Complex Greases – QUAKERTEK ™ LX SERIES

Extremely effective water resistance

, especially in areas where 

water washout is a major concern

, and 

performs well at high temperatures

 with a 

high dropping-point

 of 500°F: 

cold mill

temper mill

pickle line

coating lines


mobile equipment

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Grease Calcium Sulfonates – QUAKERTEK ™ CS SERIES

Exceptional lubricity

excellent water resistance

thermal stability


rust protection


mechanical stability


surpasses conventional greases

, making it ideal for use in 

high-load applications

. Contains 

no heavy metals

 and is recommended for any application where 

good lubricity

mechanical and thermal stability

, and 

rust protection are required

, especially 

under wet conditions

, including: 


blast and basic oxygen furnace

melt shop

hot mill

cold mill


pickle oil line


Polyurea Greases – QUAKERTEK ™ UX SERIES

High dropping point greases

 are formulated to provide 

outstanding lubrication in high temperature applications

 and can replace both lithium and 

lithium complex greases


motor bearings

extending motor life


reducing noise

, and also 

coke making


basic oxygen furnace

, and other 

extreme temperature applications

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