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CST Drive Synthetic Gear Oils – MINETECH ™ CST 100

Recommended for

highly loaded enclosed gearing

 as well as 

plain and rolling element bearings

. This 

shear stable lubricant


resists damage to gear teeth caused by repeated shock loads

, and is 

ideal for wind turbine gearboxes

mine hoist gearboxes

crane gearing

, and other 

enclosed gearing which requires micro-pitting resistance


Synthetic Gear Oils – MINETECH ™ EP

A series of 

gear lubricants formulated with synthetic PAO base fluids


proven to reduce friction

, thus 

reducing the input power to operate the equipment


increasing the available power output

. The

reduction of fluid friction

 results in 

lower lubricant operating temperatures

extending the life of both the lubricant and the equipment

. These products were developed for the 

lubrication of enclosed gears

, which are 

heavily loaded


plain or roller element


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Semi-Fluid Synthetic Gear Oils and Greases

Designed for various 

industrial gear applications

, it is formulated to 

reduce fluid related problems

 and should be 

used in extreme conditions where a conventional gear lubricant may not offer sufficient lubrication

. Due to the semi-solid being active when the product is 



not being sheared


will not leak out of the gearbox

. The product itself 

seals in the lubricant


seals out the contaminants

. This also offers 

resistance to water incursion


provides superior protection against corrosion and oxidation

, which can eat away and destroy critical components and lead to equipment failure.


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Synthetic Air Compressor Lubricants – PROTECH ™ AC Series

Lubricants manufactured from the highest quality 




) base fluids and incorporate 

advanced additive technology

. PROTECH AC Series lubricants offer many 

advantages over petroleum-based lubricants as well as some synthetics

 – especially where 

compatibility is an important concern


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Recommended applications include 

centrifugal compressors

rotary screw compressors

ball and roller element bearings

low temperature lubrication


high temperature lubrication



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A series of products containing 

high quality

high viscosity index oils

, recommended for the 

lubrication of oil-film bearings


back-up rolls in metal rolling mills

. They are designed to meet the specifications of 

bearing manufacturers


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A complete line of 

hydraulic fluid formulated from high-quality base oils

 and carefully selected additive systems to offer 

outstanding thermal stability

. QUAKERHYD ™ oils are available in both 

zinc containing




zinc free

) versions.

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Premium line of 

way oils

 that incorporates a unique 

tackiness additive

 and a 

high performance lubricant additive system


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Industrial Gear Lubricants – ULTRAGEAR ™ EP Series

Premium gear lubricants formulated with high quality base oils and an effective 

sulfur-phosphorous EP


extreme pressure

) additive system designed to 

minimize wear of enclosed gears

 and other equipment operating under heavy loads and shock conditions. They utilize 

high viscosity index



) base oils that impart 

high flash points

low volatility

, and 

superior oxidation stability

. They provide outstanding 

protection in industrial gear sets operating under severe conditions

 such as 

intermittent shock loads

high peak loads

, and 

heavy tooth loads


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Food Grade Gear Oils

ULTRAGEAR ™ is formulated to 

protect moving parts in bearings

light duty gearboxes as a coating oil

chain lubricant

food machinery

 and applications where a 

friction reducing antiwear oil

 is required.


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High performance mist oils

 formulated with 

synthetic base stocks

 and proprietary additive technology to provide 

maximum protection under severe operating conditions


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