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High performance metal forming and metal forging lubricants formulated without chlorine and have been engineered to be used for both regular and alloy-coated tooling. QUAKERDRAW ® provides benefits that include superior lubrication to increase die and punch life, excellent corrosion protection and high film strength additives to reduce scratching and galling on parts and dies. It also can be easily cleaned with solvent or alkaline cleaners.

Neat Oil Press Lubes

The very latest in metal-stamping lubricant technology; easily removed in standard alkaline cleaning systems. Provides excellent formability on all substrates when mixed with water in low concentrations. Used neat, as received, but compatible with all downstream processes, such as welding, adhesives and painting.

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True Solution Synthetics

Innovative, green technology offering good formability characteristics coupled with excellent cleanability. Dilution dependent upon difficulty of operation.



Oil-Based Rust Preventives for Drawing and Forming (Prelubes)

Rust preventive that provides in-process or final protection for medium to long-term indoor storage of metal surfaces, both ferrous and non-ferrous. FERROCOTE ® 6130 is a globally available formula, with approval in multiple regions, is specified and used by steel mills and automotive manufacturers. It provides protection against normal humidity and acidic atmospheres found in industrial environments and excellent resistance to stain and varnish where metal-to-metal contact is present, especially with high temperature and humidity. FERROCOTE ® 6130 rapidly displaces moisture and can be used to treat wet parts with no loss of protection, passes MIL-C-16173 requirements.

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