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Pickle Line Rolling Oils

Specialty lubricants designed to protect the active steel surface formed during the pickling process from oxidation, staining, and discoloration. Like our specialty greases, these lubricants have been formulated with excellent lubricity and cleanliness. This helps to prevent scratching/gouging that can occur during coiling and to enhance burn-off in annealing. They can also be formulated with a variety of compatibility for various downstream processes to decrease possible contamination.

Pickling of metal is a process where a metal surface is treated to remove impurities like stains, rust and corrosion. This is very important to prevent imperfections on a product. The QUAKEROL ® line of pickle oils are specifically designed and engineered for each customer’s specific needs.

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Our pickle oils feature our unique ester blends that allow for evaporation and cleanliness out of anneal. The premium synthetic esters are effective boundary lubricants and require minimal maintenance.