Die Casting Release Agent at CastAlum


CastAlum, a major UK die caster manufacturing over 5 million components for many automotive companies including BMW, Aston Martin, Land Rover, GM and Ford, was looking to replace their die casting lubricant. Watch this case study to see how Quaker worked with CastAlum to introduce a new die casting release agent and meet the customer’s expectations by improving soldering and staining, and reducing the concentration ratio by 20%.

LADLE SLICK™ 1 Application and Curing


See a tutorial on the application of Quaker’s LADLE SLICK™ 1 to protect your cast iron die casting ladles and discover 3 different methods for curing. Whether it’s high pressure die casting, plunger lubrication, trimming, cleaning or machining, Quaker has innovative, integrated processes and superior service to optimize your operations and increase profitability.

Coping with Temperature Variation on the Surface of Dies – Smart Polymer™ Chemistry


Overcoming variations in die temperature to provide an evenly distributed protective coating has been a long standing and challenging problem in high pressure die casting. Traditionally the ability of a die casting lubricant to form a protective die coating when exposed to hot areas of the die and not build in cooler less demanding areas could only be achieved with a modified spray application system.

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Predicting Die Lubricant Performance In Production With Four Standard Laboratory Tests


With over 80 years of die lubricant formulation experience in the high pressure die casting market, we have observed the major lubricant characteristics that determine die lubricant performance in a production environment. The main lubricant characteristics are, solids content, thermodynamic stability, composition and decomposition cleanliness.