QUAKERTEK™ CS 2202-EP is a high performance
calcium sulfonate complex grease based on mineral
oil and can be used in application operating under
severe conditions with regard to medium to high
speeds, high loads, and corrosion challenges in a
wide range of industries.

3D Press Hardening – Hydraulic Fluids and Greases


Quaker is recognized as a leader in fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and greases. Our QUINTOLUBRIC® brand of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are recognized around the world by major OEMs and customers as the name for long life, and environmentally compatible fluids that enable improved efficiencies to our customers. We also offer a broad range of mineral oil and synthetic greases under the QUAKERTEK™ Specialty brand, and QUINTOPLEX™ fire-resistant greases as part of our product line.

Reduction in Hot Slag Fires for a Steel Mill’s Ladle Turret Operation


Quaker Chemical Corporation (“Quaker”) proposed the steel mill trial QUINTOPLEX™ LXS 1002-EP, while the grease burns, the duration time is very short due to its unique formulation, therefore, reducing the risk of fire hazards.

90% Reduction in Fires and Corrosion on the Roller Bearings


CSI ran a test specific to CSI, which involves holding a blow torch to the grease to see if it catches fire and heating a metal washer until the washerwas glowing from heat.