Avoiding an Oil Fire Pool


When a steel producer had a fire incident in the Electric Arc Furnace process due to metal sparks igniting mineral oil that leaked and accumulated to form a pool they converted to QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-46 to minimize the risk of fire due to its increased auto ignition and heat of combustion compared to mineral oil.

Alternatives to Mineral Oil Based Hydraulic Fluids in Steel Production


Fire hazards are constantly present in the steel industry with operations involving heavy equipment and liquid or red hot steel, and when mineral oil based hydraulic fluids are being used. However, there are alternatives that can be utilized without jeopardizing the performance or productivity of the steel production line.

Case Study: HFD-U Fluids Manage Fire Safety in Press-Hardening Equipment


Press-hardening operations have all the elements of a fire hazard – hot surfaces, pressurized mineral oil in the hydraulic systems, and the proximity of the hot surfaces to the pressurized oil.