Tackling process problems often starts in a single mine, but it takes a collaborative approach – with input from experts around the world – to reap meaningful, long-term benefits. This is especially true today, as most coal producing companies operate globally. They’re looking for solutions they can apply anywhere – and in many different situations and conditions. Quaker’s fluids and lubrication’s serve to aid a complex old industry. From surface mining to longwall process, Quaker can help. Quaker’s fluids and lubrication’s serve to aid a complex mining industry. Lubricants & Hydrauic fluids for the Industry. We’re at the core of a complex industry. View our case studies.

Underground Coal Mine Mitigates The Risk Of Fire By Using Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid


To mitigate the risks of using a mineral oil based hydraulic fluid a large underground coal mine in southern West Virginia was using QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-68 an MSHA approved fire-resistant hydraulic fluid in their hydraulic systems.

$500,000 Savings via Longwall Fluid Conversion


Introducing QUINTOLUBRIC 818-02 full synthetic Longwall Fluid to a longwall mine fixed sediment issues, and enabled the mine to reduce fluid consumption, lower filter usage, and improve the pump station and solenoid valve performance, resulting in $500,000 cost savings.

Reducing Haul Road Dust When Water Is Scarce With Quaker Dustgrip® Super Tac


DUSTGRIP® SUPER TAC can reduce fine dust generated by large equipment operating on the untreated haul roads at a surface copper mine in a dry and low humidity environment where water is expensive and scarce.