Rod Rolling Lubricants

Our aluminum rod rolling expertise and high-performance fluids and lubricants deliver solutions for every process in your mill. Our Rolling oils and lubricants are formulated to be compatible with downstream processes, so you’ll achieve the most productive, cost-effective transitions possible as your product moves from casting to coil. Quaker Chemical’s rod rolling lubricants are the leader for your rolling process in the aluminum industry. View our case studies. Aluminum manufacturers, Aluminium Chemicals, aluminium manufacturing, aluminum metal, Aluminum, Aluminum metal, Aluminum suppliers. View our proven case studies of how to aid your efforts in the Automotive & Heavy Equipment Industries. Case Study

25% Decrease in Scrap Rate with Consistent Throughput


From the start of the trial, QUAKEROL® CCR 109 SW provided excellent lubrication on the mill. The first bar transitioned through the mill to the coiler without difficulty, no slip, no refusals and no evidence of quality problems.