Compatibility of QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 Series with NBR Seal Material


One of the main considerations when choosing a hydraulic fluid, is it’s compatibility with seals. More specifically it’s compatibility with Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) seals.  NBR is the most cost effective and commonly used seal type in hydraulic systems. This elastomer found in various hydraulic unit applications.

Particle Counting


Most component failures are the direct result of contaminated hydraulic oil, and the expense of having to replace hydraulic components damaged by contamination is often eclipsed by the even higher cost of unscheduled downtime for the machine.  Learn how hydraulic fluid cleanliness can be measured using several techniques and reporting methods.

Relativity of Acid Number for Hydraulic Fluids


The total acid number (TAN) is an analytical test to determine the deterioration of lubricants in service due to oxidation. As a fluid degrades with oxidation, the viscosity increases as well as the levels of corrosive acids, soot and varnish, along with the danger of component failure.

Service Guide for QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 Series


Monitoring through in-service oil analysis, an important element of predictive maintenance, can provide information about machine wear, as well as lubricant contamination and condition. By checking the appearance, viscosity, water content, acid number, cleanliness and solid metal and additive contents, the condition of the fluid can be measured.

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