QUINTOLUBRIC 818-02 Case Study

Quaker Chemical Mining and Longwall chemical solutions case study

$500,000 savings via longwall fluid conversion



A large 

longwall coal mine

 in Australia was having issues with their 

longwall fluid

 due to the local water supply they were using to mix with the product.
  • Due to flooding events there was a 

    sediment buildup in the local water supply

  • The current 

    raw water filter system

     being used by the mine was not adequate enough to keep up with the increased sediment
  • This local water supply was used to mix with the longwall fluid, and the 

    increased sediment

     not only caused the fluid to split, but also had negative effects on filtration and all longwall components


To help mitigate the 

effects of the local water supply

 Quaker Chemical Corporation (“Quaker”) recommended the 


 convert to QUINTOLUBRIC® 818-02, a 

full synthetic


longwall fluid

 that can withstand the 

spikes in water hardness

. Additionally, Quaker installed a new mixing station to 

filter the sediment from the water

 more effectively, and provide tighter controls on the 

longwall fluid concentration

With the conversion to QUINTOLUBRIC® 818-02, and the new mixing tank the mine was able to achieve the following:
  • Reduction in fluid consumption

    – from 4% to 2%
  • Reduction in the amount of filters used – using a 

    fully synthetic longwall fluid

     allowed for 

    increased contamination capacity


    longer fluid lifetime

  • Improved pump station


    solenoid valve performance


    decrease in fluid contamination

     resulted in 

    longer component lifetime

    lower maintenance costs


    reduced maintenance downtime

  • Reduction in maintenance downtime

     and monitoring needed for the 

    mixing tank

All of these reductions resulted in a $500,000 savings for the mine.


QUINTOLUBRIC® 818-02 is a 

full solution synthetic

high water-based


hydraulic fluid concentrate

 designed for use in 

longwall shields

. This 

fully-synthetic concentrate

 has been specially engineered to pass the severe tests developed by 



 and other major 

longwall shield OEMs

  • MSHA Approved

  • Biodegradable

     in accordance with 

    ISO 7827

  • Compatible with all commonly used longwall fluids for easy conversion
  • Optional dye for easy 

    underground leak detection

  • Safer for the environment

  • Can be mixed at a 2% concentration for less consumption


QUINTOLUBRIC® is Quaker Chemical’s family of specialty, 

fire-resistant hydraulic fluids

. For more than 30 years, Quaker Chemical has been a leading supplier of 

specialty hydraulic fluids

, and the QUINTOLUBRIC® brand is recognized around the world as the name for 


high performance



environmentally compatible fluids